Tamarack Lodge is For Sale by Owner

Tamarack Lodge at Bear Valley is for Sale by Owner, Derek and Roz Bray.

If you are interested please contact Derek at 650-559-0957 or email derekbray2508@gmail.com.

Currently Tamarack Lodge at Bear Valley is run by Tim and Vicky Johnson (daughter) as a Bed and Breakfast.  Rooms have been leased long term, temporary, short term and for single nights depending on the season.   The running of the Lodge has two major seasons: Winter and Summer.  Spring and Fall are slower but have recently been getting guest whole want short term rentals for fishing season, hunting season, building contractors etc.  on a weekly or montly bases.

The Lodge consists of 3 buildings on 5 acres of land.  Main Lodge with 9 bedrooms on 2nd floor and 2 bedrooms on the first floor.  All these rooms share 2 separate bathrooms on the 2nd floor, designated one for women and one for men each with 3 toilets, showers and sinks.  1st floor has a large common room with TV and fire place, guest kitchen and dinning room area. 2 restrooms and a large area that is used for the innkeeper behind the office with laundry, storage etc.

Barn has two 600 square foot apartments on the 2nd floor, each with a separate bedroom, living room and kitchenette area and bathroom with tub shower combination.   1st floor has a laundry area and large 2 door garage and plenty storage area. These lower area could easily be used as a workshop.

Back Chalet is approximately 1100 square feet and has 3 bedrooms one with a small kitchenette area.  Each bedroom has it own bathroom.  Kitchenette is connected to one of the bedroom but can be used as a common kitchen if needed.  Rooms are generally rented out on an individual bases.  But the Chalet can be used as a 3 room rental too.

There are 3 propane tanks, storage building with large generator.  Large back deck of common room Kitchen area.  3 wells.  Only one is needed to provide water into a large 3000 gallon storage tank.

The Lodge has a variety of snowplowing equipped that can be negotiated into the price of the Lodge.

The Lodge land and buildings have the potential of being subdivided.

The Lodge is 22 miles east of Arnold, 3 miles west of Bear Valley Village, 6 miles west of Bear Valley Ski Area and Lake Alpine.


Birds Eye View of Tamarack Lodge at Bear Valley

Birds Eye View of Tamarack Lodge at Bear Valley